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Swimming Bears


2002 Schedule
Scores and Stats
Parents & Volunteers
Note from Coach Gailey
Notes from Coach D
Links and Contacts
08-29-03 Black & Teal Game
09-05-03 Relays
09-11-03 VS EGHS
09-16-03 VS AHS
09-23-03 VS CBHS & RHS
Battle of the Bays
10-02-03 VS SHS
10-06-03 Spaghetti
10-07-03 VS MHS & THS

2003-2004 SEASON
Students - please be on your best behavior when we go out to eat after meets.  Remember you are representing not only the swim team, but also the school.  You wouldn't want to be caught doing anything as stupid or childish,
as racing in shopping carts in the parking lot - would ya?
Show the public the Best of Bayside!


Cape Coast Conference T-shirts
Pre Order Cost - $12
(Pre Order sales must be in by Friday 9-19)
Cost day of the event - $15
We need Volunteers for Cape Coast Conference
(October 16th & 17th, 2003)
We also need volunteers for each home meet
Finally we need volunteers to help with FUNDRAISING!


Each Swimmer must attend at least 5 practices per week
SWIMMING Practice:
Where:  Palm Bay BCC Campus Pool
Monday Thru Friday (Except Wednesday) 
            In Pool Practice * 6:30am - 7:45am
Monday Thru Friday           5:00pm to 7:00pm

            Stretching & Warm-Up * 5:00pm - 5:30pm 

            In Pool Practice * 5:30pm - 7:00pm

DIVING Practice:
Where:  Palm Bay BCC Campus Pool
     Monday * Wednesday * Friday

            In Pool Practice * 5:00pm - 7:00pm


Where:  Crane Pool
     Tuesday * Thursday
          In Pool Practice * 5:00pm - 7:00pm
WATER POLO Practice:
Where:  Palm Bay BCC Campus Pool
     Practice will start in the spring. 
     Times to be announced later.


Email from Sherry Tomlinson (Assistant Principal) to Bayside

Sent: Friday, September 21, 2001 10:21 AM
To: Bayside-Staff
Subject: B.O.B. on Swimming Bears

WOW! I had the pleasure of watching our swim team go up against MCC yesterday. If you want a BIG LIFT watching GREAT SPORTSMANSHIP and GREAT SPIRIT, go to one of our FREE swim meets! If you have any swimmers in your class, please tell them that you are proud of them --- they encouraged and helped numerous MCC swimmers get through their races with the same support they gave their same swimming bears. Our bear swimmers are fantastic athletes. Thanks to Coach Gailey and Coach Lane for "setting the example" and to Mr. Steger, Ms. Martin, and Mr. Kaminski for showing up to support the team. There is a nice write up in the paper
today. To quote Coach Gailey (and I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree!): We have the most ethnical diverse swim team there has ever been. If the world could get along with each other like the members of our team we would not need to worry about terrorist. The Today News reporter was there last night and said in her 30 years covering sports she has never seen a eam with more sportsmanship or team spirit than ours..... Win or lose Bayside swimmers always leave as our meets as winners...

-Sherry Tomlinson
Assistant Principal
Bayside High School

Excerpt from Florida Today 10-24-01

Battle of the Bays
Bayside 106, Palm Bay 70

200-yard medley relay: Bayside (Chris Definbaugh, Bruce Fisher, Micah Gervais, Will Turgeon) 1:55.71; 200 freestyle: Turgeon (B) 2:19.25; 200 IM: Gervais (B) 2:27.12; 50 freestyle: Curtis Lee (PB) 23.22; Diving: Matt Schmidt (PB) 232.25; 100 butterfly: Gervais (B) 1:10.68; 100 freestyle: Bruce Schnieder (PB) 56.35; 500 freestyle: Lee (PB) 5:34.81; 200 freestyle relay: Palm Bay (Lee, Schnieder, E. Sliva, M. Schmidt) 1:45.53; 100 backstroke: Definbaugh (B) 1:05.46; 100 breaststroke: Fisher (B) 1:15.43; 400 freestyle relay: Palm Bay (Lee, Schnieder, Silva, Schmidt) 3:50.53.