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Swimming Bears


2002 Schedule
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08-29-03 Black & Teal Game
09-05-03 Relays
09-11-03 VS EGHS
09-16-03 VS AHS
09-23-03 VS CBHS & RHS
Battle of the Bays
10-02-03 VS SHS
10-06-03 Spaghetti
10-07-03 VS MHS & THS
Note from Coach Gailey


Bayside Aquatics 2003-2004
To:  All Bayside Aquatics Team Members and Boosters
     Our school year is rapidly coming to an end and before you know it, our 2003 swimming and diving season will be here.  We have several goals we need to achieve between now and in the near future.
1.  The completion of our new training facilities at the BCC Pam Bay Campus this June will give us the opportunity to start a year round aquatics program.
2.  Through fundraising, we will need to add and upgrade our swimming and diving training equipment and purchase new equipment for water polo.
3.  We want to improve our swimming and diving competitive program with better skills and endurance training.
4.  In the spring of 2004 we will field our first male and female competitive water polo teams.
5.  We want to continue to qualify for the FHSSA State Championship not only with relays but also in individual events.
6.  We want to increase our team's academic and athletic college scholarship achievement and awards ability.
7.  Our 2003 swimming and diving season has been shortened by 3 weeks.  Therefore we want to encourage all incoming swimmers to start their conditioning program as soon as possible either by joining a club team or on their own, either at the BCC or the Sebastian Pool.  We have 2 excellent swim clubs abailable for after school or summer swimming.  East Coast Swim Club, coached by Pat Love or Space Coast Swimming by Coach Jan Pancake.  Contact me for info concerning either team.  I will also be available for swimming skills sessions.
8.  Our regular high school season will start August 11th.  We will begin fall swim and dive clinics July 28th at the BCC, Palm Bay Pool from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.
     As you can see we have a lot to accomplish next swim season.  It's going to take a lot of team work and leadership through our organization of coaches, swimmers, captains, and our booster club to achieve our goals.
     A competitive swimmer is a special and unique athlete.  Having coached several different types of sports, I can honestly say that getting and staying in shape for swimming is harder than any other sport.  Not everyone is cut out to be a competitive swimmer.  Those that feel they have the ability, become a good swimmer through hard work and training.  Some swimmers have special abilities and through a year round training program can become top competitors in their event specialties.  Some of you through hard training and dedication to this sport will have the opportunity to move on to Division 1 or 2 college teams.  That's why you need to stay committed to making the best grades possible and to put the time and dedication into your training.  Is the time and effort worth it?  Do you have what it takes to succeed?  It's up to you to decide that.  But if you do decide the effort is worth it, your coaching staff will be backing you up 100%. 
     I'm looking forward to Bayside Aquatic's future.  We have a lot going for us with our new training facilities and with a team of returning and new talented swimmers and divers.  It's time for Bayside Aquatics to move up to the next level of competitiveness and show the state of Florida what "BEWARE OF THE BEAR" means in the swimming and diving world!  Are you ready for the challenge?  For more information or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 
Remember swimmers and divers are special athletes and we at Bayside Aquatics are the best at what we do.....
Coach Gailey & Staff