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May 26th, 2001


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Well my trip to Chicago was pretty good. I had met with some Lupie buddys and we went to the Sears Tower, and a whole buunch of other places. I Love the city. I love the weather but I didnt think it was going to be so cold so I had only packed like 2 sweaters and was freezing my butt off the whole time. I went to the Bowl for the Cause event and it was extremely crowded and crazy because of Howie D (of the Backstreet Boys) being there. I bowled in the lane next to him and met up with him at a private party. Oh I stayed at the House of Blues and it was awesoome!!! It had its own bowling alley in which the event was held. It was the coolest bowling alley I've ever seen! Oh and it was my first time riding in a plane and it was pretty cool. Oh and I packed too much and we didnt know the airport was so far so we handled all the luggage by ourselves and took the train and the doors moved so fast that I almost got separated from my mum. But the dragging the luggage around was so miserable!!!! WEll that is pretty much it.
Love and Harmony,
JIlliane Trotter
!the natural diva and soon to be soap opera star!