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April 14th, 2001


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April 14, 2001
Last weekend I went to Boggy Creek Gang Camp for a family retreat weekend. Unfortunately my brother, Jerry, who is 17, wasnt able to come. He was in Washington D.C for a band trip. He had a lot of fun too! Well back to what I was saying, my weekend was a total blast with my mom, my brother Justin, and myself. The first night was dinner, a campfire, and like a get to know your unit type of thing. It was so fun! The second day, was even more fun and exciting. I woke up at 7:00, way too early for me, and went to woodshop to make some projects. I made a trinket box for my friend. It looked pretty good, and then I made a wooden pink pig for my other friend/Big Sister for her unborn babys room (the theme is Noahs Ark). Then, it was off for breakfast. At first I was hesitant about trying their food, because I am extremely picky, but it turned out to be delicious!!! After that, there are always morning exercises, which are fun because you get to sing and dance. Then it was off to another activity, and I went to woodshop again!! I built a couple of name plaques, including one for myself that says natural diva!!! I went to the rec. center after that, to play a little basketball. Not to brag or anything, but I whipped everyones butt!! LOL!!! Then it was to a good lunch filled with singing and dancing. Not to mention I was almost late too because I was literally dragged out of the fun from shooting hoops!!! At the end was a camp picture, which I almost missed because I went to change clothes because I wanted to look good. Nap time came next, but being my typical stubborn self I didnt want to take one. I raided the BCGC gift shop and bought a whole bunch of cool stuff, including a neat hat!!! After that I actually went back to my cabin to rest a little bit, but it was already swimming time, so I missed my nap. I had a blast at swimming!!! I did some laps and played a little water basketball, which I was not so good at. After that I went to woodshop again, to continue my projects. I made a tie die, 60s style, bandana, which was ended up getting misplaced. I also made a necklace that says, Jill loves BCGC. It is pretty cool. That evening was the dance and it was so fun. I did a lot of swing dancing and everything. I had a hard time deciding what to wear though. It had to be something not quite 70s, but not really 60s. It was Woodstock style. The older kids got to go to the theatre after that to plan a skit, but I begged my friend to go, who was 2 years younger. We were really tired, and we stayed up till 11:30. I wasnt quite tired enough to miss out on all the fun though. We did a skit called: If I were not a camper Id tell you what Id be, If I were not a camper a __________ is what Id be. My line was: a soap opera star, Im here to please ya I think I have amnesia. It was really cool. My cool family pal made it up. There were about ten different people who were in the skit and by the end everyone was saying their line at the same time it was SO funny!!! Finally it was off to bed, only to find no adults or family were in my cabin. So I found a neat counselor and we went around campus for a while looking for my family and while we were looking we saw two precious deer. It was finally bedtime. But before I turned the lights off, I quickly (in 10 minutes) made up a song call Boggy Girl. It was for Skit Day in the morning, instead of the song called Barbi Girl, it was about Boggy Creek and was called Boggy Girl. Well, I am really, really tired, I finish about Boggy Creek tomorrow. Ta!!!!!!!!!