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May 8th, 2001


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Hey I had a blast when I went to Disney for my Disney Dreamers and Doers award. I went the day before because I had a doctor appointment in Orlando anyway. So after that we went to Disney and then spent the night at a real cool resort at Animal Kingdom. Oh and I met with my Uncle Troy and saw his new house (which was so terrific) and met with his friend, Alex, who has Lupus too. I had fun there. And since he works at Disney we got a discount on the resort and and in Disney. The next day was the ceromony, it was very long. But it was fun. I actually saw somene I knww from camp (Boggy Creek) that I hadn't seen in 2 years, so that was pretty cool! At the cermony, Kathy Freeman, the Austrailin Oylmpic Aborigine runner, was the presenter. It was pretty cool meeting her.. I was very honnored to recieve the award, but I dont do my fundraises for that, I do them so I can help people.
Love and Harmony,
Jillianne Trottter
!the natural diva and soon to be soap opera star!